Pondok Bidadari

Pondok Bidadari

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My family and I stumbled upon the Sidemen Valley and Village 12 years ago after trawling through travel blogs, wanting to experience a personal Bali.  I was searching for a destination which could provide a truly Balinese experience for my young children and booked into a local Pondok.

We found ourselves returning to Sidemen and the Pondok again and again with the Balinese owners, ourselves and especially our children building a genuine bond based on friendship and shared experiences.  As the years went by we found ourselves in a position where we could build our own home amongst 6000 square metres of woodland and overlooking centuries old rice fields.

Our vision for the home was to create an environment where we would feel connected to the landscape, the local village and Balinese culture within a scooter ride of Sidemen Village.

I think we have achieved our vision – We love it and believe you will too. (Fiona Hall)